February 03, 2017

Plenty Of Brocante

 Burlap Luxe Home

Plenty Of Brocante
A Passion for Vintage

Grey days filled with the comfort of rustic details.

 My French grain sack cloth and vintage ticking I sewed up
into euro shams loosely fitted with a down insert.
Rural and peasant like in comfort.

 Vintage Candelabra And Candlesticks.

Love the aged wear and tarnish I dare not polish.
Now listed in my Burlap Luxe etsy shop...
On this site side-bar listed.

 Dusted In Age

 My Hand Bent And Twisted French Wire-Art.

I create crowns for weddings and ones giftings.
Decayed with age.

Can be found in my etsy shop Burlap Luxe
More unique designs on their way.

 Embracing a cozy atmosphere for the love of...
Plenty Of Brocante.
A beautiful February. 

January 15, 2017

A Village Artist Lives Here...A French Home

 Burlap Luxe French Home

A home I imagine in a French village, and I
am the village artist.
 Raw natural French country-side pieces and objects,
inspire my home and my art in designs.

 My home that acts much like an art studio, where living is
in the art of creating.

 A room filled with objects and pieces, rustic in what I salvage.
Pieces that call out to be loved all over again.

 A Quite Room For This Designer Artist.

 A French Country-Side Basket.
French Champagne ready

 Cafe de Lyon

The city of Lyon France
Cafe of Lyon

Rustic crate board I painted into rustic signs, with a French accent to each one. Now in my 
etsy shop,
 here at link...Burlap Luxe

 The Wine Region Of France
Champagne France

 Galvanized old buckets act as,
Champagne buckets.

French blown glasses, Fleur-de-lis flatware, and
my art in creating hand thrown rustic-rural French 
style pottery. I call my roadside pottery.
 Champagne Roses
French floral can 

Champagne Brunch

December 17, 2016

Decayed Rustic French Fascination...Un Joyeux Noel

Burlap Luxe Home Studio Of Production

Designs And Creates, French Theatre's

Artist Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe

A performance of...
Un Joyeux Noel
 Salvage materials are collected and stored away until they call out to become an opulent decayed rustic French theatres of performances.


Trim and woodwork is a collection of old antique and vintage woods...
moldings, picture frames, French mirror frame pieces salvaged and desired.
Chair spindles, and furniture legs act as columns, 
drawer pull knobs act as cement finials.

 vintage oak for wood planked floors, and wire for my hand twisted chandeliers, 
ladders, and crowns. Wire is also used to create a body form for the creating 
of cartapesta mice.
Cartapesta Mouse
My latest addition to my French theatre is my art in creating
cartapesta mice, along with the creation of her tattered decayed old dress.
A pendant necklace studded with a gem, and her gem stone wire crown
that wraps around her sweet French head.

She goes by the French name of (Astrid)
Astrid is in the middle of her performance of
Douce Nuit - Silent Night, and performed in French opera.
My art in hand painting
Her patina is hand applied and gilded with aged gold.

The art of French wire-work, I bend and shape into chandeliers, ladders, and
body forms for cartapesta mice and crowns.

Aged banners add a bit of theatrical whimsy strung about.
French Rococo 

French rococo mirror salvage trim the header. 

French weathered old books created by my French hands.
Stained to appear old.

I create paper doll mice, they have come baring gifts and to be entertained
in a holiday performance this Joyeux Noel.

 Librairie Francaise
(French Book Shop)
An old decayed French shop.

 With cartapesta and salvage wood I created a French book shop of
theatrics where French and English language books of many can be found.
Seventeen hand-made books I created with vintage book ephemera and
cloth aged and water damage to give the appearance of an old dusty
book sellers shop in France.

Madam Colette tends to her old French shop.
Books are piled in  the attic, and hog warted in the book case.
 Old music books and travel books are some of her book selections
she has for holiday shoppers. The beauty in an old book,
a perfect gifting.

The attic is filled, and the charm of rustic decayed flooring and
walls show its age.

Happy New Year!

Thank you for being our audience.
Please visit special performance's here with,

Vera, by clicking link here...Row Home And CobbleStones

Lin, Instagram by clicking link here...A Tiny Cottage In The Woods

 Dore, Instagram by clicking link here...Burlap Luxe
Paix et Joie, Joyeux Noel
( Peace and Joy )

November 20, 2016

French Home For Giving Of Thanks

A French Simple Home

Setting out the white linens and preparing the menu,
Home For Giving Of Thanks.

 Brown and White Hounds~Tooth Check
Christmas Stockings
Shop here, click link...Burlap Luxe 

29" length x 5" cuff opening
zinc ring hanger and tattered linen.

Love these stockings paired with brown and white
transfer-ware china settings,
white ironstone, and rustic rural farmhouse pottery.
 Baskets Filled With Rosemary
Joie de vivre
of the season..
greyer  days

October 30, 2016

French Rural Holiday Home

 Hand Thrown Pottery

Pottery and assorted pieces mix in a vintage open cupboard
in reach for daily use.
Giving it the feel of living in rural France.

Grapevine Wreath

A simple grapevine wreath wrapped from a clipping from a 
side yard vineyard.
Grapes a favorite picking the French serve as a 
dinning dessert with holiday meals.

 Vintage French Matelasse

I designed a stocking pattern after the look of an old world stocking, 
hanging and ready for treasured gifting.
Pattern and sewing by Dore (Me) for heirloom quality.

29" length x 5" cuff opening
zinc ring hanger, and a tattered linen tie.
In my BurlapLuxe etsy shop 
 French Home
 French Chocolat Hounds-Tooth Checked Stockings.

I can see these hanging filled with treats.
A box of dark chocolats, La Maison du Chocolat Twigs.
Chocolat flavored rich coffee beans bagged,

29" length x 5" cuff opening 
vintage canvas
zinc ring hanger with tattered linen tie.
Chocolat tone and white.

 BurlapLuxe etsy shop

Hand- sewn by pattern designer
Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe  
Vintage French Home
 Holiday Signs 
Dore Callaway
French Countryside- between Paris and the Lorraine,
one of the great historic Provinces of France,
Champagne is home to the famous sparkling
wines in the world.

My latest hand-painted signs tabletop, buffet top, or tucked away
layered on a holiday table propped against a champagne bucket
 announcing the holiday festivities with clear bubbles,
As well as a bit of French added to your rustic rural
chateau cottage.

Painted and designed on vintage French crate slats.
Dore Callaway

Wants you to be inspired to the very edges of your soul...
"Living in an artful way."
~ Dore