November 20, 2016

French Home For Giving Of Thanks

A French Simple Home

Setting out the white linens and preparing the menu,
Home For Giving Of Thanks.

 Brown and White Hounds~Tooth Check
Christmas Stockings
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29" length x 5" cuff opening
zinc ring hanger and tattered linen.

Love these stockings paired with brown and white
transfer-ware china settings,
white ironstone, and rustic rural farmhouse pottery.
 Baskets Filled With Rosemary
Joie de vivre
of the season..
greyer  days

October 30, 2016

French Rural Holiday Home

 Hand Thrown Pottery

Pottery and assorted pieces mix in a vintage open cupboard
in reach for daily use.
Giving it the feel of living in rural France.

Grapevine Wreath

A simple grapevine wreath wrapped from a clipping from a 
side yard vineyard.
Grapes a favorite picking the French serve as a 
dinning dessert with holiday meals.

 Vintage French Matelasse

I designed a stocking pattern after the look of an old world stocking, 
hanging and ready for treasured gifting.
Pattern and sewing by Dore (Me) for heirloom quality.

29" length x 5" cuff opening
zinc ring hanger, and a tattered linen tie.
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 French Home
 French Chocolat Hounds-Tooth Checked Stockings.

I can see these hanging filled with treats.
A box of dark chocolats, La Maison du Chocolat Twigs.
Chocolat flavored rich coffee beans bagged,

29" length x 5" cuff opening 
vintage canvas
zinc ring hanger with tattered linen tie.
Chocolat tone and white.

 BurlapLuxe etsy shop

Hand- sewn by pattern designer
Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe  
Vintage French Home
 Holiday Signs 
Dore Callaway
French Countryside- between Paris and the Lorraine,
one of the great historic Provinces of France,
Champagne is home to the famous sparkling
wines in the world.

My latest hand-painted signs tabletop, buffet top, or tucked away
layered on a holiday table propped against a champagne bucket
 announcing the holiday festivities with clear bubbles,
As well as a bit of French added to your rustic rural
chateau cottage.

Painted and designed on vintage French crate slats.
Dore Callaway

Wants you to be inspired to the very edges of your soul...
"Living in an artful way."
~ Dore

October 10, 2016

Worth Every French Penny...Rural And Rustic

 Burlap Luxe French Home Cottage

"Everything you love can find a place."
~Dore Callaway

Burlap Luxe designer Dore,
took a vintage French ladder back and gave it a new old paint finish. 

 This vintage French chair did not look like this when it
found me, telling me just what it wanted to

Harmony is attainable.

 French furniture is designed to play a part in a
country home.
French furniture is certainly decorative, and so easy to
live with.

 My before photo of a thrift shop French find.
 Dated, a bit drab, and in need of some purpose.

Deconstructing was the beginning.
A good strip down and this French Chair was loved all 
over again.
Never, never.
Well, maybe at one time in the 80's
 Yes, yes!!
your seeing the Price!

This French ladder back arm chair solid oak, sturdy, and so 
meant for me and my home.

 A little French love, and a weathered ageing of white.
Painted and upholstered 
~By Dore of Burlap Luxe 

I had the sand paper, plenty of it, paints in abundance, and
a perfect piece of French worn canvas that I am so glad I
did not cut it up for a project a week before.
Yes, I had
the vintage canvas on hand and a staple gun with 
plenty of power, so this chair cost me
no more then time, and $3.99

 Country rural furniture is defined by simple in style, 
and used for a purpose.

"Everything you love can find a place."
~Dore Callaway

September 20, 2016

French Country Magazine...Rustic Trunk, And A Lantern

 Burlap Luxe Home

Makes for a beautiful mix in a simple fall vignette.

(BL) Burlap Luxe artist hand thrown pottery with the feeling of a French roadside find 
will feel rich and comfortable with authentic history in your hands and
~Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe etsy shop  
 Comforts Greyer Days
with rustic farmhouse charm.
 Forced Misshapen Rural Mud

 Objects Of Desire

over 59 years ago my grandparents purchased a country home that was
already 250 years old.
In this home was family heirlooms that my grandparents 
became the new caretakers. Old film plates date this
rural farmhouse trunk back 250 plus years.

Its original milk washed French bleu paint was amazing, yet had been
painted over with a black-green that left me no other choice than to
strip it back to its rawness and add new history in a washed and 
distressed white... A lime waxed technique.

This trunk chest adds a sense of simplicity of all things peasant and
rural to my French home without a gap in it fitting in.
Thank You Grandpa, 
it is resting where it belongs 
 Solid Forged Iron Handles
Original to the piece.
 Dore Callaway of Burlap Luxe
wants to thank 
Country French Magazine Fall/Winter 2016
For a special honor featuring my hand thrown (BL) pottery
by Burlap Luxe 
in this special edition feature on page 79

1. Burlap Luxe Dishes

 Found here...
Nothing in my home is not of use or rustic beauty, the making of 
 perfect harmony.
Natural clay mud, French farmhouse style pottery
for friends.
 Grapevine Clipping

 Wrapped delicately by my hands for a simple fall wreath.
 Idea To Inspire A
 Seaside French Lantern

This vintage lantern made of hand forged iron trimmed in barley twisted iron 
was purchase from a beautiful seaside home yard sale in 
Malibu, California.

Washed in years of sea mist, aged in the beauty of white and galvanized grey.
A French lantern that needed to come with me and where would I hang it was not
my concern, I just knew I had to have it.

  It has moved about my home in a vignette or two and pushed aside in my 
home office space out of the way until now!

A Side Table Lantern Lamp

I wired the pendant length wire and chain with new wire, then 
attached a toggle switch for tuning it off and on.

Enough wire and a plug was added in length long enough to not
limit my moving it about and where outlets may be at my access.

Yes, it came to thought that I did not have to hang it quite yet, I could 
find some uniqueness in its use until a good fit is constructed.

 Perfectly aged with all the rightness of a patina to love.
Chippy whites layered on a patina of grey and
sea rust.

 Within this space it became interesting with light, and
it casts interesting reflections around the room.
  The Black-Eye Susan's
all dried up add to whats all natural in our
fall home.

Late In The Day

the light warms in the stillness.

Inspiring a lantern for a lamp. 

August 16, 2016

Letter Boxes...Rustic LOVE

 Burlap Luxe Love

Little salvaged boxes filled with letters and words of

Burlap Luxe home gathers words of love...
past and future.

Being A 
Gatherer of 
 Recipes To Love

Past and present.

My daughter Hannah's box filled with ephemera words,
poetic pieces of meaning, a collection of her Callaway grandfathers broken
watch faces, skeleton keys, crystals and coins.
All gathered with love.
 Garden Seed Box

Hand crafted with love, and found thrifting to love
all over again.
 Letters Spell LOVE,
Word Profound

Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe 

I salvage for design and display.
A perfect word of love for a snug nursery, a wedding with
vintage rustic appeal, as well as a special gifting of
 Gathered Salvage
 Door Hinge
Hangs off the edge of a salvaged door-jam,
a perfect placing for a sweet dried petite bud, or
a gathering of wild clippings.
 Weathered and Rough-Hewn 
Rustic Pieces

Filled with window pane plasters and a 100 years of
age and decay. 


I love how my art evolves from a single slice of wood.
Artful Blogging Magazine Feature
Feb/Mar/Apr 2014
Pg. 6-13 
My home and written article
Dore Callaway Burlap Luxe  

Another one of my love signs, barn-wood and rustic elegant 

 My art in making this LOVE sign appeared on the book cover and
 pages of love In fifi O'Neill Prairie style weddings book.


Rustic and Romantic Farm, Woodland, and Garden Celebrations.

I am honored to be involved in the actual making of art that
is featured and then loved in the hands of those who purchase from my 
etsy Burlap Luxe of Burlap Luxe.

My featured LOVE sign is now listed for sale In my etsy shop,
click link here...BURLAPLUXE